Trusted Foundry Services

As one of 13 companies in the nation accredited as a Trusted Foundry for the Department of Defense, HRL serves the DoD, U.S. government agencies and major defense contractors in providing the highest quality microelectronics foundry services for military and aerospace applications.

Our state-of-the-art 10,000-square-foot, Class 10 clean room is part of HRL's comprehensive microelectronics and nanotechnology capabilities, including systems for material growth, deposition, structure formation and characterization. These capabilities continue to enable world-record component performance and novel nanoscale device structures.

We provide Trusted Foundry services and HRL Technologies™ contract research and development for compound semiconductor devices and ICs including:

  • InP HBT High-yielding (>10 k transistors), high-performance ICs with three levels of metal interconnect
  • InP HEMT LNAs, MMICs, backside vias and two levels of metal interconnect (air bridges)