commercial MMIC productS AND SERVICES

GaN Power Amplifiers

Part #
Function Frequency (GHz) Psat (dBm) Lin Gain (dB) PAE (%) DATA CAD FILES
BAL-WPA Power Amplifier 70-105 23 18 11 s-param .gds
G94-PA Power Amplifier 90-95 27 16 16 s-param .gds
G84-PA Power Amplifier 79-85 27 16 16 s-param .gds
G74-PA Power Amplifier 68-80 27 16 16 s-param .gds
GAN-TWA Power Amplifier Up to 40 29 10 14 s-param .gds


Sb Diode Detectors

Part #
Function Frequency (GHz) Sensitivity (V/mW) Rj (kOhm) DATA CAD FILES
V1A Detector Diode MMIC 75-110 7 0.9 s-param .dwg .dxf .gds .stp .itp

Our commercial GaN MMIC products cover DC – 40 GHz with a broadband design, narrow-band designs centered around 74, 84 & 94 GHz for E-band & W-band applications, and broadband 70 – 105 GHz designs. We also offer Sb-based detectors for W-Band mmW imaging applications.

HRL continues to push GaN MMIC technology to higher levels of performance with plans to add LNAs and higher power amplifiers to our commercial MMIC offerings in the future. In addition, we have the ability to custom design GaN based LNAs, power amplifiers, mixers, switches, and transceiver components as well as Sb-based detectors for a variety of applications over different frequency ranges up to D-Band (to 170GHz). HRL is now proud to offer services to create custom multifunction modules using HRL’s MMICs and is planning to offer packaged versions of our commercial MMICs in the near future. Our proficiencies also include high-density wafer-level packaging, subsystem integration, and integrated microwave and mmW assemblies.

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HRL split block housing


Split block housing accommodates multiple designs.