DARPA Announces Success of Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS)

ARLINGTON, Va., September 18, 2011—The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced today the success of the Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System, or CT2WS, a unique threat detection technology that incorporates a 120-megapixel, 120-degree field of view, electro-optical video camera; cognitive visual processing algorithms that identify potential targets and cue images for operator review, and an electroencephalogram (EEG) cap that records when the operator detects a threat.

HRL has been developing the technologies for the sensor, cognitive and EEG decoding, and the overall CT2WS system in this groundbreaking program since 2008. In tests at Arizona’s Yuma Proving Grounds, in Hawaii and in a final demonstration at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, CT2WS demonstrated a greater than 90% successful target recognition rate.

The technology will now be transitioned to the Army’s Night Vision Lab.

Read the DARPA announcement.


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