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Innovate. Collaborate. Advance. We're enhancing technologies for automotive, aerospace and defense that make us safer, support our national security and improve our quality of life. More >

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Since our inception in 1997, we've advanced the state of the art in a number of technology areas.

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Center for Neural and Emergent Systems (CNES)
The center is exploring new computing paradigms to create bio-inspired, intelligent machines that can interact with and learn from their environments. More >

The Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System—the world’s first “cognitive-neural” binocular threat-detection technology—could bring new advantages to the battlefield. More >

Researchers at HRL Laboratories, LLC, have achieved a new milestone in 3D printing technology by developing a process that overcomes the limits of traditional ceramic parts and enables the development of high temperature, high strength ceramic components.

HRL news

02/2016 - HRL Laboratories' Breakthrough May Pave the Way for Gallium Nitride to Supplant Silicon in Integrated Circuits More >

01/2016 - HRL Laboratories Commemorates Former HRL Staffer and Challenger Astronaut Ron McNair on 30th Anniversary More >

01/2016 - Breakthrough achieved in Ceramics 3D Printing Technology More >

12/2015 - HRL Passes Milestone with 1,001 Patents More >

10/2015 - HRL Laboratories Developing Nanoscale Fabrication Technology for Large-Scale Performance More > 10/2015 - Lightest. Metal. Ever. More >

10/2015 - Game Changing Space Travel: HRL is developing ultralight materials for future aerospace vehicles and structures More >

09/2015 - HRL to Receive $2.2 Million Homeland Security Award for Mobile Authentication Research More >

08/2015 - Dr. Logan Sorenson Recognized as a "DARPA Riser" More >

07/2015 - Lightweight Sandwich Structures Lay the Groundwork for Micro-Drones More >

07/2015 - HRL Laboratories Applauds Staff Members Honored by National Academy of Engineering More >

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