2010 News

date   title
01-01-2010   HRL Scientist Recognized as IEEE Fellow
03-02-2010   HRL Issued Two Important Patents
03-19-2010   HRL to develop a Neuro-inspired autonomous vision system for DARPA'a NEOVISION2 Program
03-30-2010   HRL Issued Patents for Ceramic Microstructure and Epitaxy Growth
04-06-2010   HRL Receives Patent for New Indium Phosphide Transistor
04-13-2010   HRL Designated a Physics historic Site by the American Physics Society During 50th Anniversary of the Laser
04-13-2010   HRL Receives Patent for “Thermal Management Substrate"
04-14-2010   HRL Appoints New Laboratory Director
04-29-2010   HRL Embarks on New Computing Paradigm to Develop a Unified Understanding of Intelligent, Emergent Systems
04-30-2010   HRL Completes Work on Revolutionary Microwave Receiver Front End
05-19-2010   HRL to Develop Wideband High-Resolution Photonic Analog-to-Digital Conversion Technologies
06-25-2010   HRL Researcher Selected to participate in NAE's 2010 Frontiers of Engineering Symposium
06-26-2010   HRL Researchers Recognized with Award at the 2010 Intelligent Vehicles Symposium
06-29-2010   HRL to Continue work on low-Power MEMS sensors for Navigation
08-17-2010   HRL to Examine Nonlinear Dynamics, Noise Shaping to Lower Phase Noise in DARPA’s DEFYS Program
08-25-2010   HRL Begins Research to Significantly improve autonomous robotic manipulation on dARPA's ARM Program
09-22-2010   HRL to develop revolutionary lightweight structural materials on DARPA's MCMA program
09-27-2010   HRL to Develop an Efficient, high-Power Battery-to-Grid Charger for ARPA-E's ADEPT Program
09-30-2010   HRL to develop innovative photonic-based, Beam-forming and sensing technologgies as part of SWEEPER Program
10-14-2010   HRL to Change the Design Paradigm for Dynamically Responsive Structures in DARPA's Structural Logic Program
10-25-2010   HRL Recognized as an IEEE Milestone Commemorating Where the First Working Laser Was Demonstrated in 1960
11-09-2010   Eight Patents Issued in November show breadth of HRL's technology portfolio
11-15-2010   HRL to Develop functional testing tool to evaluate integrated circuits at the nano- and Atomic Scales
12-06-2010   HRL Explores "Sensmaking" for Better Intelligence as part of IARPA's ICArUS Program