Patents— 2011

01-04-2011 7,861,398 Method for fabricating a miniature tunable filter
01-04-2011 7,864,396 Vertical cavity multiple quantum well device with simultaneous modulation and photodetection capability
01-11-2011 7,649,485 Modulation doped super-lattice sub-collector for high-performance HBTs and BJTs
01-11-2011 7,868,829 Reflectarray
01-11-2011 7,870,279 Method and Apparatus for Scanning, Personalizing, and Casting Multimedia Data Streams Via a Communication Network and Television
01-25-2011 7,875,523 HBT with emitter electrode having planar side walls
01-25-2011 7,875,876 Scalable Quantum Computer
01-25-2011 7,875,952 Method for Transistor Level Heterogeneous Integration
01-25-2011 7,877,020 Coherent RF-photonic link linearized via a negative feedback phase-tracking loop
01-25-2011 7,877,347 Method and system for independently observing and modifying the activity of an actor processor
02-01-2011 7,881,916 Precision shape sensing of elastically deformable materials
02-08-2011 7,884,930 Integrated Quartz Biological Sensor and Method
02-15-2011 7,888,213 Conductive channel pseudo block process and circuit to inhibit reverse engineering
02-22-2011 7,892,630 Variable Stiffness Structure
02-22-2011 7,893,935 Method and system for hybrid trackball and immersive navigation in a virtual environment
02-22-2011 7,895,071 System and method for multi-mission prioritization using cost-based mission scheduling
03-08-2011 7,901,524 Actuation concepts for variable stiffness materials
03-15-2011 7,908,309 Analog Wavelet Transformer
03-22-2011 7,910,199 Metal Filled Porous Carbon
03-22-2011 7,911,407 Method for designing artificial surface impedance structures characterized by an impedance tensor with complex components
03-22-2011 7,911,673 Display Screen With Optical Memory
03-22-2010 7,912,931 Method and Apparatus for Increasing Fault Tolerance for Cross Layer Communication in Networks
04-19-2011 7,927,507 Hydrogen Storage Compositions
04-19-2011 7,928,389 Wide bandwidth infrared detector and imager
04-19-2011 7,928,877 Continuous-time Delta-Sigma Modulator with Small Distributed Resonators
04-19-2011 7,929,147 Method and System for Determining an Optimized Artificial Impedance Surface
04-26-2011 7,931,858 System and method for surface decontamination using electromagnetic surface waves
04-26-2011 7,932,512 Implantation before epitaxial growth for photonic integrated circuits
05-03-2011 7,935,603 Symmetric non-intrusive and covert technique to render a transistor permanently non-operable
05-10-2011 7,938,254 Hydrogen permeable encapsulated solid-state hydride materials and method for forming and using same
05-10-2011 7,938,989 Composite Structures for Storing Thermal Energy
05-10-2011 7,939,899 Solid state actuator capable of plating and plating material storage
05-10-2011 7,940,201 Photonic Analog to Digital Converter Input Sampler
05-10-2011 7,941,022 Single Fiber Optical Links for Simultaneous Data and Power Transmission
05-10-2011 7,941,059 Down Conversion For Distortion Free Recovery of A Phase Modulated Optical Signal
05-17-2011 7,944,007 Actuator Assembly
05-24-2011 7,948,297 Circuits and methods to minimize thermally generated offset voltages
05-24-2011 7,949,883 Cryptographic CPU architecture with random instruction masking to thwart differential power analysis
05-31-2011 7,951,719 Self-masking defect removing method
06-07-2011 7,956,381 Multi-layered integrated circuit and apparatus with thermal management and method
06-07-2011 7,956,818 Leaky Coaxial Cable with High Radiation Efficiency
06-21-2011 7,965,216 Compressed sensing analog-to-digital converter
06-21-2011 7,965,220 Smart Chaff
06-28-2011 7,968,435 Method and device for growing pseudomorphic AlInAsSb on InAs
07-05-2011 7,972,552 Method to locate and eliminate manufacturing defects in a quartz resonator gyro
07-05-2011 7,972,936 Method of fabrication of heterogeneous integrated circuits and devices thereof
07-12-2011 7,977,637 Honeycomb Infrared Detector
07-12-2011 7,977,906 Saccadic tracking for an electro-mechanical system
07-12-2011 7,979,452 System and method for retrieving task information using task-based semantic indexes
07-19-2012 7,983,562 Dynamic Coding for Optical Code-Division Multiple Access
07-24-2011 7,984,869 Time-encoding-based high-capacity digital communication link
08-02-2011 7,989,277 Integrated structure with transistors and Schottky diodes and process for fabricating the same
08-09-2011 7,992,271 Process of manufacturing a piezoelectric actuator for tunable electronic components on a carrier substrate
08-09-2011 7,994,877 MEMS-based quartz hybrid filters and a method of making the same
08-09-2011 7,996,452 Pulse domain hadamard gates
08-23-2011 8,003,928 Method for compensating a millimeter wave imaging array
08-30-2011 8,009,276 System and method of surface wave imaging to map pressure on a surface
09-13-2011 8,017,193 Monomeric formulation for making polymer waveguides
09-13-2011 8,017,217 Variable emissivity material
09-12-2011 8,018,874 Network optimization system implementing distributed particle swarm optimization
09-13-2011 8,019,185 Unit-cell array optical signal processor
09-20-2011 8,023,831 Coherent RF-photonic link linearized via a negative feedback phase-tracking loop
10-04-2011 8,030,122 Method and apparatus for reduction of non-adaptive signals in photo-EMF sensors
10-04-2011 8,030,688 Ohmic metal contact protection using an encapsulation layer
10-04-2011 8,030,913 Detector circuit with improved bandwidth
10-04-2011 8,032,467 Valuation-based learning system
10-11-2011 8,035,078 Distributed display composed of active fiducials
10-18-2011 8,039,903 Passivated tiered gate structure transistor
10-18-2011 8,040,265 Down-converter and up-converter for time-encoded signals
10-25-2011 8,045,861 Method and system for spectral suppression of noise in a communication signal
11-01-2011 8,049,281 Symmetric non-intrusive and covert technique to render a transistor permanently non-operable 
11-01-2011 8,050,644 Highly linear mixer and method for cancelling FET channel resistance modulation
11-01-2011 8,051,018 Method for the design and optimization of morphing strategies for reconfigurable surfaces
11-15-2011 8,057,206 Reconfigurable tooling using variable stiffness material
11-15-2011 8,057,206 Reconfigurable tooling using variable stiffness material
11-15-2011 8,059,045 Antenna having an impedance matching section for integration into apparel
11-15-2011 8,059,969 Enhanced linearity RF photonic link
11-22-2011 8,063,833 Method of achieving an opaque or absorption state in a tunable frequency selective surface
11-22-2011 8,065,532 Cryptographic architecture with random instruction masking to thwart differential power analysis
11-29-2011 8,067,737 Photonic detector, imaging system and method employing plasmonic resonance absorption
12-02-2011 8,071,171 Methods for creating spatially controlled composite materials
12-13-2011 8,078,014 High-speed electro-optical modulator
12-20-2011 8,080,774 Module for scalable millimeter wave imaging arrays