Patents— 2013

01-08-2013 8,406,791 Audio on location
01-15-2013 8,422,693 Geo-coded spatialized audio in vehicles
01-15-2013 8,741,486 Polymer matrix energy storage device and method of making the same
01-29-2013 8,589,315 Behavior recognition using cognitive swarms and fuzzy graphs
02-05-2013 8871393 Regenerative fuel cell and hydrogen storage system
02-05-2013 8595654 Semiconductor Device Coding Using Quantum Dot Technology
02-05-2013 8567677 Optical identification system and method
02-05-2013 8475074 Variable stiffness joint mechanism
02-12-2013 8437556 Shape-based object detection and localization system
02-26-2013 8736082 Key structure and expansion enhanced alignment of self-assembled microstructures
03-05-2013 8458715 System for allocating resources to optimize transition from a current state to a desired state
03-05-2013 8370114 Method and apparatus for optimal placement of actuators for shaping deformable materials into desired target shapes
03-12-2013 8585944 Ordered open-cellular carbon microstructure and method of making same
03-12-2013 8363939 Visual attention and segmentation system
03-12-2013 8808857 Carbon nanotube array interface material and methods
03-26-2013 8515126 Multi-stage method for object detection using cognitive swarms and system for automated response to detected objects
03-26-2013 8438129 Probabilistic implementation of system health prognosis
03-26-2013 8409691 Three-dimensional (3D) reinforcement control in composite materials
03-26-2013 8503161 Supercapacitor cells and micro-supercapacitors
04-02-2013 8406522 Method for flexible feature recognition in visual systems incorporating evolutionary optimization
04-09-2013 8515184 System for visual object recognition using heterogeneous classifier cascades
04-16-2013 8390403 Wideband ridged waveguide to diode detector transition
04-23-2013 8465825 Micro-truss based composite friction-and-wear apparatus and methods of manufacturing the same
04-30-2013 8921702 Microtruss based thermal plane structures and microelectronics and printed wiring board embodiments
05-07-2013 8515160 Bio-inspired actionable intelligence method and system
05-07-2013 8468104 System for anomaly detection
05-07-2013 8679908 Use of silicide block process to camouflage a false transistor
05-07-2013 8838381 Automatic video generation for navigation and object finding
05-07-2013 8396249 Robot control based on saliency and invariant spatial representations using hierarchical spatiial working memory
05-07-2013 8750709 RF receiver front-end assembly
05-07-2013 8369652 Visual Attention System for Salient Regions in Imagery
05-07-2013 8406989 Method for Adaptive Obstacle Avoidance for Articulated Redundant Robot Arm
06-04-2013 8587037 Test structure to monitor the in-situ channel temperature of field effect transistors
06-04-2013 8860092 Metallic sub-collector for HBT and BJT transistors
06-18-2013 8793200 Method for particle swarm optimization with random walk
06-18-2013 8728884 Enhancement mode normally-off gallium nitride heterostructure field effect transistor
06-25-2013 8742965 Inherently monotonic high resolution digital to analog converter
07-02-2013 8354170 Elastomeric matrix composites
07-09-2013 8553989 Three-dimensional (3D) object recognition system using region of interest geometric features
07-09-2013 8488877 System for object recognition in colorized point clouds
07-09-2013 8437558 Vision-based method for rapid directed area search
07-16-2013 8645294 Method for image registration utilizing particle swarm optimization
07-16-2013 8396282 Method and System for Computing Fused Saliency Maps from Multi-Modal Sensory Inputs
08-06-2013 8837839 Method for recognition and pose estimation of multiple occurrences of multiple objects in visual images
08-20-2013 8766745 Quartz-based disk resonator gyro with ultra-thin conductive outer electrodes and method of making same
08-20-2013 8852523 Ordered open-cellular materials for mass transfer and/or phase separation applications
08-20-2013 8857182 Power generation through artificial transpiration
09-03-2013 8774504 System for three-dimensional object recognition and foreground extraction
09-03-2013 8579018 Lightweight sandwich panel heat pipe
09-03-2013 8453717 Micro-architected materials for heat sink applications
09-03-2013 8573289 Micro-architected materials for heat exchanger applications
09-03-2013 8779177 Method for bottom-up graphene sheet preparation and bandgap engineering
09-10-2013 8390500 Asynchronous pulse processing apparatus and method providing signal reverberation
09-17-2013 8762305 Method and system for dynamic task selection suitable for mapping external inputs and internal goals toward actions that solve problems or elicit rewards
09-24-2013 8525301 Method and apparatus for fabricating heterojunction bipolar transistors with simultaneous low base resistance and short base transit time
10-01-2013 8416125 Radiative noise adding compensation for MMW sensor arrays
10-08-2013 8436785 Electrically tunable surface impedance structure with suppressed backward wave
10-08-2013 8483816 Systems, methods, and apparatus for neuro-robotic tracking point selection
10-15-2013 8481195 Lithium battery structures
10-22-2013 8874584 Hierarchical video search and recognition system
10-22-2013 8396293 Recognizing geometrically salient objects from segmented point clouds using strip grid histograms
10-29-2013 8483478 Grammar-based, cueing method of object recognition, and a system for performing same
10-29-2013 8620089 Strip histogram grid for efficient segmentation of 3D point clouds from urban environments
10-29-2013 8374561 Non-foster impedance power amplifier
10-29-2013 8649565 System for automatic object localization based on visual simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and cognitive swarm recognition
11-05-2013 8920978 Porous conductive scaffolds containing battery materials
11-05-2013 8755648 Semiconductor-based plasmonic phase modulator and method
11-05-2013 8735013 Methods for fabricating inorganic proton-conducting coatings for fuel-cell membranes
11-12-2013 8367306 Method of Continuous or Batch Fabrication of Large Area Polymer Micro-truss Structured Materials
11-19-2013 8912711 Thermal stress resistant resonator, and a method for fabricating same
11-19-2013 8537338 Street curb and median detection using LIDAR data
11-19-2013 8402824 Frequency locking of resonators for improved temperature control of gyroscopes
11-19-2013 8524553 Integrated circuit modification using well implants
11-26-2013 8686473 Apparatus and method for reducing the interface resistance in GaN heterojunction FETs
11-26-2013 8765615 Quartz-based MEMS resonators and methods of fabricating same
11-26-2013 8584456 Bistable Actuator Mechanism
11-26-2013 8592865 Overvoltage Tolerant HFETS
12-24-2013 8569937 Piezoelectric resonator with capacitive sense and/or force rebalance electrodes to control an amplitude of vibration
12-31-2013 8383471 Self aligned sidewall gate GaN HEMT
12-31-2013 8692295 Transistor with InGaAsP collector region and integrated opto-electronic devices employing same
12-31-2013 8774517 System for identifying regions of interest in visual imagery