HRL's History of the Future Podcast

Focusing on the famed Hughes Research facility’s past and HRL’s present advancements in science and technology.

Podcast guests include current and past HRL researchers as well as outside scientists whose research ties in with HRL’s mission, or is of potential interest to HRL’s audience. Experts from different eras will highlight the many scientific milestones reached at HRL over the decades, and current staff will discuss advances being made today, as well as looking forward to what may come in HRL’s future.

Latest Episode

HRL Podcast E05 | Mike Daily and Dave Payton

Artificial intelligence! Autonomous vehicles! Augmented reality! And Robots!

L to R – Dave Payton and Mike Daily share experiences from their long careers on HRL’s History of the Future Podcast. © 2019 HRL Laboratories, LLC.

Current HRL scientists Mike Daily and Dave Payton are pioneers in modern robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomy to name just a few of their areas of expertise.

They worked together on the very first successful autonomous vehicle for DARPA back in 1987 and have continued their research right up to today’s leading edge of robotics and autonomy. Mike and Dave have both published extensively and each has led many important research projects over their long careers. For decades they’ve been at the center of many major advances in virtual and augmented reality and vehicle autonomy and resilience. We were honored to welcome them to the podcast to share some of their myriad experiences.

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HRL's History of the Future
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HRL's History of the Future Podcast is a science-related interview program presented by HRL Laboratories in Malibu, California.
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