Hydrogen Storage Research Paper One of the Most Cited in Technical Journal

January 17, 2013— HRL Laboratories’ researchers John Vajo, Adam Gross and colleagues were recognized by the Journal of Alloys and Compounds for having published one of the 20 most cited articles in the journal over the last five years.

The paper, titled “Thermodynamic destabilization and reaction kinetics in light metal hydride systems,” appeared in the journal in 2007 and provided new thinking on the two greatest challenges to the adoption of hydrogen storage materials for alternative energy applications—decreasing the temperature and time required to store and release hydrogen.

In the paper, the authors discussed the innovative use of additives to reduce dehydrogenation temperatures of light metal hydrides as potential compounds in hydrogen storage systems and described a nanoporous carbon aerogel matrix to confine the hydrides as a means of improving hydrogen storage and release.


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