HRL's internship program is designed to provide students with valuable hands-on technical experience working with some of the world's leading experts in their fields. By working side by side with HRL researchers, interns gain invaluable professional work experience and greater insight into a research career at HRL. You'll also get a feel for our unique culture and commitment to technical achievement and excellence.

Internships are paid technical summer assignments. While undergraduates and graduates are considered for internship positions, interns primarily include graduate-level students with relevant university work or research experience in chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering, material science, mathematics or physics. Interns may be eligible to return to HRL during subsequent summers based on satisfactory job performance and the company's research needs.

To ensure compliance with US export laws and regulations, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements of US citizenship or permanent resident alien status. Some jobs also may require security clearance.

HRL is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Executive Office

• Summer Intern - FB10778

Applied Electromagnetics (AEL)

• Contract - Summer Intern in High Assurance Software - RM10727

Information & Systems Sciences (ISSL)

The Information & Systems Sciences Laboratory offers many rewarding opportunities for technical growth and exciting participation on the leading-edge research in wireless communications, neuromorphic computing, brain-machine interfaces, trusted computing, target recognition, and automated knowledge and content extraction. Students with relevant university work or research experience in network sciences, computational neuroscience, mathematics, robotics, machine learning and pattern recognition, computer science and engineering are invited to submit their resumes.

• Contract - Summer Intern in High Assurance Software - RM10727
• Contract - Summer Intern in Secure Cloud Computing - RM10728
• Contract - Summer Intern in Secure Mobile Wireless Networks - RM10729
• Contract - Summer Intern in Android Security - RM10730
• Contract - Tech Professional Machine Intelligence - RM10718
• Contract - Summer Intern in Neuromorphic Computing - RM10732
• Contract - Summer Intern in Brain-Machine Interfaces - RM10733
• Contract - Summer Intern in Brain Modeling - RM10734
• Contract - Summer Intern in Data Analytics - RM10735
• Contract - Summer Intern in Machine Learning - RM10736
• Contract - Summer Intern in Image Processing - RM10737

Microelectronics (MEL)

The Microelectronics Laboratory has a variety of opportunities for professional growth and high-visibility on projects developing state-of-the-art mixed-signal integrated circuits and MMICs operating at millimeter wave frequencies; heteroepitaxial III-V materials and devices (including InP, GaN, and antimonide-based semiconductors); and growing activities in electronic subsystem simulation and analog signal processing. Students with relevant university work or research experience are invited to submit their resumes.

Sensors & Materials (SML)

The Sensors and Materials Laboratory offers a wide range of career opportunities working in the areas of engineered structural and active materials, energy and thermal technologies, nanotechnologies, innovative detector materials and sensors, and microelectromechanical (MEM) device design and processing. The lab possesses exceptional technical strength in applied materials science, novel chemical technologies and innovative detector design and fabrication. Our multidisciplinary staff includes worldclass scientists and engineers in materials science; mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering; physics and chemistry. Students with relevant university work or research experience are encouraged to apply.



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