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Due to the large number of resumes that we receive from various sources, HRL has chosen to only accept employment inquiries submitted through our web-site. We ask that you only submit your resume for current open positions for which you meet the minimum requirements listed in the position description.

Information & Systems Sciences

The Information & Systems Sciences Laboratory offers many rewarding opportunities for technical growth and exciting participation on the leading-edge research in wireless communications, neuromorphic computing, brain-machine interfaces, trusted computing, target recognition, and automated knowledge and content extraction. Candidates with a Ph.D. or MS degree or equivalent experience in network sciences, computational neuroscience, mathematics, robotics, machine learning and pattern recognition, computer science and engineering, and demonstrated achievement in related areas are invited to submit their resumes.

  • 1721.10
  • |Scientist IV – Autonomous Systems
  • 1721.11
  • |Scientist IV – Machine Learning and Cognitive Processing for Autonomous Systems
  • 1721.14
  • |Scientist IV Post Doc – Machine Learning and Cognitive Processing for Autonomous Systems
  • 1721.17
  • |Scientist IV Post Doc – Machine Learning and Computer Vision
  • 1821.01
  • |Scientist IV Post Doc – Assured Autonomy
  • 1821.03
  • |Scientist IV Post Doc – Game Theory and Machine Learning
  • 1821.07
  • |Scientist IV Post Doc – Network Science, Causal Inference
  • 1821.08
  • |Scientist IV – Post Doctorate: Formal Verification & Synthesis
  • 1921.01
  • |Scientist IV – Formal Verification & Synthesis
  • 1921.02
  • |Scientist IV – Assured Autonomy

    Materials & Microsystems

    The Materials & Microsystems Laboratory offers a wide range of career opportunities in engineered structural and active materials, coatings and nanotechnologies, experimental and computational physics, and microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device design and processing. The lab possesses exceptional technical strength in applied materials science, mechanics and structural engineering, novel chemical technologies, and innovative subsystem design and fabrication. Our multidisciplinary staff includes world-class scientists and engineers in materials science; mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering; physics and chemistry. Qualified candidates with a M.S. or Ph.D. degree, or substantial equivalent experience, are encouraged to submit their resumes.

    |Scientist IV – Scientific Computing
    |Scientist IV – MEMS & NEMS Devices
    |Engineer I – Structural Dynamics
    |Engineer II – Cryogenic Measurement System Development
    |Engineer IV Post Doc – Chip Scale Electro-Optics
    |Engineer II – Senior Software Engineer
    |Engineer I – MEMS Sensor Electronics Development
    |Engineer IV – Additive Materials
    |Engineer I – MEMS Device Development
    |Scientist IV – Applied Quantum Devices
    |Scientist IV – Theoretical Quantum Information
    |Engineer I – Prototyping and Test
    |Scientist IV – Cryogenic Physics
    |Scientist II – Research Chemist
    |Engineer III – SQL Database Administrator and Developer
    |Scientist IV – Cryogenic Physics
    |Engineer III – Plant Operations

    Microfabrication Technology

    Members of the Microfabrication Technology Laboratory develop and produce a diverse array of high-value electronic and photonic components, ranging from novel semiconductor device prototypes to flight-qualified integrated circuits. MTL staff work in a 10,000-ft2 ISO Class 4 cleanroom that houses a complete suite of state-of-the-art processing tools for the end-to-end production of integrated circuits and other micro-manufactured parts. The lab affords the opportunity to collaborate with HRL’s world-class research staff in areas such as compound semiconductor devices, quantum devices, memristors, superconductors, photonic & optoelectronic devices, heterogeneous integration, analog & neuromorphic computing architectures, and mixed-signal systems. Interested candidates with experience in electrical, chemical, or mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, or other related disciplines and demonstrated achievement in these areas are encouraged to submit their resumes.

  • 1880.01
  • |Engineer IV – Lithography
  • 1880.02
  • |Engineer II – BEOL Integration
  • 1880.05
  • |Engineer I – Test
  • 1880.06
  • |Engineer I – Metrology
  • 1980.02
  • |Engineer II – Process Integration
  • 1980.03
  • |R&D Assistant – Inventory Control Coordinator

    Sensors & Electronics

    The Sensors & Electronics Laboratory provides stimulating work opportunities in electromagnetics, photonics, RF technologies, and computational physics. We have unique capabilities for designing small or conformal antennas and integrating these technologies in vehicle systems. We’re also developing state-of-the-art optoelectronics technologies for microwave signal distribution, waveform generation and signal processing. In computational physics, we apply the world’s leading expertise in electromagnetic modeling, electronic material design, and quantum information science to design new electromagnetic and electronic materials and devices. Qualified candidates with a M.S. or Ph.D. degree are encouraged to submit their resumes.

  • 1731.20
  • |Engineer IV – Analog/Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits
  • 1731.24
  • |Engineer IV – Nano-electronic Devices
  • 1831.02
  • |Engineer I – Photonic Devices and Systems
  • 1831.07
  • |Engineer IV – Hardware Integration
  • 1831.09
  • |Engineer IV – ASIC Physical Design Engineer, Senior
  • 1831.10
  • |Engineer IV – Nano-electronic Device Engineering
  • 1831.11
  • |Engineer IV – RF/EM Subsystem Engineer
  • 1831.12
  • |Engineer II – RF Assembly Engineer
  • 1831.13
  • |Engineer II – Mixed Signal Integration and Test
  • 1831.14
  • |Engineer III – Microelectronic Assembly and Integration
  • 1931.01
  • |Technical Program Manager: Advanced RF/EM Systems
  • 1931.02
  • |Scientist IV – Semiconductor Device Scientist
  • 1931.03
  • |Engineer IV – RFIC Designer
  • 1931.04
  • |Scientist VI – Advanced Packaging and Integration Scientist
  • 1931.05
  • |Engineer VI – Mixed Signal System Design and Analysis-Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic Effects
  • 1931.06
  • |Scientist V: Advanced Packaging and Subsystem Integration
  • 1931.07
  • |Technical Program Manager – Advanced Packaging and Subsystem Integration
  • 1931.08
  • |Engineer IV – Photonic Devices & Systems

    Environmental Health & Safety

    Within a high tech research environment, HRL Environmental Health & Safety has an opportunity for an EH&S professional with experience in inspecting and evaluating laboratory environments, equipment, processes, site maintenance, and construction activities for chemical and physical hazards to ensure regulatory compliance and alignment with industry standards to protect employees and the environment. Duties will include collecting samples, communicating findings and recommendations, developing and delivering training, investigating incidents to identify their causes and identifying opportunities to prevent and correct unsafe conditions.

    No current openings at this time.

    Executive Office

    No current openings at this time.


  • 1843.03
  • |Cost / Pricing Analyst

    Human Resources

  • 1845.02
  • |Sr. Human Resources Organizational Development Specialist


  • 1842.10
  • |Applications Developer/Analyst
  • 1842.17
  • |Industrial Security Assistant
  • 1842.18
  • |Systems Administrator – TS/SCI with Polygraph
  • 1842.20
  • |Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic A
  • 1942.01
  • |Property Manager
  • 1942.02
  • |Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)


    No current openings at this time.

    Contract Labor

  • JM11023
  • |Machinist
  • RM10718
  • |Tech Professional, Machine Intelligence (Contract)
  • RM10934
  • |Tech Professional, Data Analytics (Contract)
  • RM11018
  • |Tech Professional Computer Vision and Deep Learning