The Vision Systems Laboratory (VSL) aims to identify promising new technologies and deploy them in the marketplace. We primarily target infrared (IR) sensor products for aerospace and U.S. Department of Defense applications. We work with customers to understand their evolving needs and search for technology insertion opportunities that expand and enhance our nation’s capabilities. VSL is committed to maintaining leading-edge technical expertise, developing manufacturing excellence, optimizing quality control, remaining flexible to customer needs, and responding with quality customer service.

Core Competencies

Sensor Design

We are developing sensors with high sensitivity, low noise, and high dynamic range. We design them to operate in various applications from traditional imaging to custom machine vision.

Detector Technology

VSL researchers are expert in the underlying material-science principles needed for developing innovative detector materials. Our strong understanding of semiconductor physics includes bandgap engineering, carrier transport, surface properties, and chemical processes such as doping and surface modification.

Process Technology

Our extensive knowledge of semiconductor processing technology includes lithography, etching, and deposition. These methods are used to manufacture imaging sensors with process optimization to improve yield and reduce costs.

Testing and Characterization

We have specialized equipment to test and characterize imaging sensors. This enables us to measure sensitivity, noise, and dynamic range over a wide range of wavebands. We implement extensive testing and validation to ensure that our sensors meet the specifications of demanding applications


Our customer-focused approach is to develop and customize sensors to meet specific application needs. This includes integrating additional features and technologies such as on-chip signal processing or packaging with new materials to streamline interfaces. We foster a collaborative mindset, combining different disciplines to work closely with customers and meet their needs.

Customer support

We provide comprehensive customer support, including early ideation and teaming for trading technical approaches and risks. We provide continued technical support for our sensors, which includes product integration support, training, and engineering support. We make sure each customer is satisfied with our product’s performance in their system.

AS9100 Accreditation

HRL Vision Systems Laboratory is AS9100 accredited for IR sensor products for aerospace and defense applications.

ISA AS9100D Certificate of Registration

VSL Quality Policy

HRL Vision Systems Laboratory will continuously improve its products and production processes to better satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers and strives to deliver defect-free products on time. HRL Vision Systems Laboratory is committed to satisfying all applicable requirements through continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

VSL quality manual banner

Job Opportunities