HRL Passes Milestone with 1,001 Patents

Many New Year’s resolutions are abandoned come mid-January, but HRL Laboratories, LLC, succeeded in its quest to acquire more than 100 patents in 2015. As a result, the research and development company recently celebrated the acquisition of its 1001st patent.

In mid-January, HRL President and CEO Dr. Parney Albright noted that the company had surpassed the 900-patent mark and had its sights set on 1,000 patents. Mission accomplished.

“We’re proud that HRL’s culture of innovation results in scientific advances that contribute to our national security and fuel economic growth,” said Albright. “We tip our hats to our research groups and team members, who embody creativity and ingenuity.”

In reaching this patent milestone, HRL surpassed its 2014 record, during which the company averaged seven patents per month.

Albright sees the trajectory continuing in the coming year. “HRL attracts world-class scientists who thrive on grappling with challenges and designing inspired solutions,” said Albright. “I have every confidence that, in 2016, the company will continue its role as a leader in innovation.”

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