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HRL Advances to Camera-Build Phase of Curved Sensor Technology

HRL Laboratories is developing spherically-curved infrared sensors that will be used in a future, first-of-its-kind camera build that will showcase the technology and highlight key benefits such as enhanced imaging capability and reduced camera size.

HRL Laboratories continues to advance curved sensor technology with new funding from DARPA to build an ambitious, first-of-its-kind test camera featuring curved infrared imaging sensors that make wide field-of-view imaging a reality.

Aiming to Improve Infrared Cameras by Curving Focal Plane Arrays

HRL Laboratories, LLC, scientists and engineers are taking on the challenge of developing sensors that are doubly-curved, like a bowl, under a new program from the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) sighted on the advancement of infrared (IR) vision. Such curved photographic sensors can enhance clarity throughout an image by bringing its corners into equal focus and brightness as the center.